My Favourite Consumer Experience


Zambreros. A mere passing mention of the place sends me into a blissful state, accompanied by an aching stomach and a quick calculation of my available dollars.

If I’m honest with you, I could probably eat Zambero’s double black bean and rice burritos with sour cream, guac, garlic sauce, the whole shebang every day for the rest of my life and not get sick of how every single ingredient compliments the others to create a smooth flavorsome harmony of flavors in my mouth. But let’s be honest here, it’s not just the burritos that keep me coming back.


Let’s have a quick look at why Zambrero will always have my heart when it comes to food, it all begins with their humanitarian focus. Their plate 4 plate initiative means that for every burrito or bowl purchased at Zambrero, a meal is donated to a person in a developing country. This means that not only are your tastebuds singing for joy during this experience, but your heart is often glowing just a little bit as well. This counters the quilt you may sometimes feel about spending more than $10 on fast food in one go.

Some other notable points that make eating at Zambreros my favourite consumer experience include the trendy and earthy design of the store, the fact that everyone in my hometown flocks to Zambreros whenever they come into town, and the friendly attitudes of the people who work there, which are obviously fueled by the soul-feeding goodness of burrito bowls.


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